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  • General Questions and answers

Question: Does WATERIDE System purify water?

Answer: NO, WATERIDE system transfer the drinking water from the bottle of water on the floor to your existing water dispenser saving your back from lifting the heavy 5 Gallons bottle of water.

Question: Is WATERIDE System safe, since it deals with water and electricity?

Answer: WATERIDE system is safe; it operates on 12 Volts DC. The only interaction with AC power is through the AC/DC adapter.


Question: Is WATERIDE System clean to replace the water bottle?


Answer: WATERIDE System is 99 % cleaner then the dusty tip of the water bottle since the bottle of water is exposed to the open air, which exposed to germs, bacteria, dust, and insects...etc. WATERIDE system is made from certified plastic material approved for drinking water; also the pump used inside the system is for drinking water. WATERIDE System once it’s on top of the water dispenser you never have to remove it.


Question: Is WATERIDE System will save future back injury from lifting the heavy bottle of water?


Answer: Yes, WATERIDE system will safe every one’s having difficulties changing the bottle on top of the water dispenser in an up-side-down position. It will replace the bottle on top as long as you have your system.


Question: Is WATERIDE System really full automatic no buttons need to press when changing the bottle?


Answer: Yes, WATERIDE System is fully automatic, when the bottle is empty you will notice the orange LED indicated that the bottle is empty, then you just simply place the pipe in a new bottle, and the system will start automatically to pump water to restore the water level inside the dispenser Tank.


Question: Is WATERIDE System electricity efficient?


Answer: Yes, WATERIDE System is very electricity efficient; it operates on less then 1 Amp.


Question: Does WATERIDE System flood water outside the water dispenser?


Answer: No, WATERIDE System has three anti-flooding switches. One placed on the system funnel as a latch, in case of some one accidentally lifts the system from the top of the dispenser; it stops the pump from pumping water out side the dispenser. And two are placed inside the pipe attached to the funnel. So there is no chance for any flooding.


Question: Is WATERIDE System worth to buy?


Answer: Yes WATERIDE System will save any future back injury from lifting the heavy 45 lbs on top of your dispenser in an up-side-down position, also save you from the dusty and dirty bottle tips.


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