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Download the WATERIDE instruction Manual.

If you need to print the Wateride System Instruction Manual, Please click on the link to the side to download the file. --->

click here to download "Instruction Manual"


If your WATERIDE System is not working properly on your water dispenser, then maybe you need to slightly modifies your top of the water dispenser, and that does not take more than two minutes, please download the file name "water guard users instructions".

Why the WATERIDE does not work properly with the water Guard dispensers?
- The WATERIDE consists of many sensors. Sensor A is responsible for deactivating the pump when the flooding switch (water) is leveled with sensor A (view image on the side). Sensor B is responsible for activating the pump when the flooding switch is leveled with sensor B (view image on the side). With water guard coolers, the flooding switch stays leveled with sensor A, even though the dispenser water reservoir is empty from the water, the water guard method (such as Oasis coolers), keeps water inside the top portion of the cooler all the times, and that what requires a little modifications for the cooler top part, it only takes 2 minutes.

click here to download the Water Guard Users Instructions



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