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MISHAAL2 Project is for sale and ready to be transferred over to a reliable company with all its design files and legal patent documents.

IKHLASS System/Cooler Solution is ready to transfer MISHAAL project to an interested company for certain amount
of money. please e-mail us or call us if you’re interested in adopting the best portable incense burner in the world.


“MISHAAL 2” a new enhanced version is completed.

We have read and listened to the customers comments who used our first generations of MISHAAL the “Bakhour Burner”, and we are eager to serve customers need to the level they are expecting, that’s why COOLER SOLUTIONS gathered those comments and invested world class engineering technology to introduce to you the second generation of MISHAAL, with superior advancement of functionality in “MISHAAL 2”. We are proud to introduce higher temperature, up to one hour and a half of use time before a recharging required and lighter weight. Please drop us any comments you may have.

Mishaal, the Best Incense Burner in the world



Click on the picture to enlarge.

Control, Mishaal’s control panel will give you the full
Benefit of the best experience while you can burn your
Bakhour under the desired temperature in a time that
you wish, The smart mishaal will never over burn your
Bakhour, plus a convenient fan for better smoke flow.

Portability Ideal for any locations and occasions,
such as homes, offices, bedrooms, living rooms, cars,
and much more, with its portability and unique design
it blends with the Middle Eastern cultures.



Varieties of Bakhour
Use any kind of incense you desire,
Mishaal is comparable with all kind of
bakhoure that is used in the Middle East.

Performance Mishaal with its patented application
will give you the best experience burning Bakhour.



Mishaal comes in two colors,
White, and Black. If any other color
are requested in quantities we can
accommodate that, contact us.


Accessibility Mishaal has a hidden burning plate
covered with a sliver metallic mesh cover to hold the
Bakhour and for the best experience burning Bakhour.


Packaged Box
Mishaal comes in a decent white box,
including a universal AC adapter, a
cleaning tool, a metallic press tool,
and a user manual.

Download Mishal User Manual here:

Mishaal User Manual in English

Mishaal User Manual in Arabic



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Mishaal is patented

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